Including American, British, world literature, philosophy, and more.

AP Composition

Including college admissions essays, creative writing, and more.

Language Arts

Including reading, grammar, listening, speaking, and more.

Social Science

Including history, sociology, anthropology, and more.


Including handwriting, drawing, collage, song, dance, and more.

Custom Project

Including executive functioning skills, financial literacy, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in tutoring?

We start with an introductory lesson at a reduced rate.

Then we'll have our series of standard lessons. Contact for rates.

Level assessment & reports, a personalized plan, and exam preparation are included.

How long are tutoring engagements?

For private lessons, engagements typically begin with 1-3 months, and we can customize our weekly meeting frequency.

With school districts, engagements typically begin with one semester or a full year, meeting 2-5x/week.

How do we start?

  1. Get in touch.

  2. Set up private lessons or connect Melorie with your school district.

  3. Meet for our lessons online.