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Meet Ms. Masacupan

With over a decade of teaching in Illinois and California, Melorie Serrano Masacupan, M.Ed has embodied commitment to inclusion across race, class, and neurodivergence.

She shares a vision where students of all ages wake up inspired to fully express, are supported in how they learn best, and feel confident in using their voice and choice to shape the world around them.

One-on-One Tutoring from a Certified Teacher

"Melorie was my son's at-home virtual teacher for senior English through his high school. My son has non-speaking autism and communicates with a letterboard. She immediately presumed his competence and gave him appropriate grade level instruction that was both challenging and enjoyable. Melorie came to the table with a good understanding of my son by reading his blog and doing other research on her own. Rarely has he had a teacher that spent the time to understand him this thoroughly. My son felt respected as a student. Melorie clearly loves her job and it shows in the quality of her instruction. I highly recommend her." - Phil Robins, parent

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